"White Orange"

by white orange

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Engineered & Mixed at the Toadhouse by Adam Pike in Portland, Oregon / Mastered by Stephan Hawkes / Written by Dustin Hill / Vocals & Guitar by Dustin Hill / Guitar by Ryan McIntire / Bass by Adam Pike / Drums by Dean Carroll / Cover Art “Entanglement On the Verge of Extinction” by Raul Casillas / Art Direction by Ryan McIntire

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released September 11, 2011


"They are mesmerizing. With a slick, complex production and a swirling, psychedelic personality all their own, this overdriven, fuzzed out metal behemoth combines a multitude of influences while remaining completely unique. I want to call this stoner rock but in good conscience, I cannot. White Orange are more akin to drinking a vat of liquid acid. Space rock? Sure, but these guys travel by way of a wormhole to another dimension. Rarely does anything so progressive compel this intelligently. White Orange are masters of their craft and deliver their unusual message with grace and tact. Several times during my first listen I found myself drifting off into a bit of a trance. There is an innovative brand of psychedelia presented here that is currently unmatched. What we have here is a forty-four minute album that feels like a lifetime. This band is musical DMT. The opening track hooked me with a Hawkwind “Psychedelic Warlords” feel. Not much later, there are lyrics that command us to “set the controls for the heart of the sun”. With that theme engaged, White Orange offer us an uncanny narrative that is sure to stake their claim as a new breed of metal."
-Christopher Ballard, adequacy.net

"A confession: The album's gorgeous/grotesque cover at first kept me from examining the sounds within -- I wanted to frame it more than play it. That was a big mistake, as this isn't the sort of experimental psyche-outs better left out to freak out the non-heads, and much more the kind of incredibly catchy showcase for a real songwriter set lose with self-created playfulness. This isn't an album to own to feel cool -- it just looks like it. It's more an album to play over and over again, before passing out on that filthy couch alongside your also-tripping heavy rocking comrade. Just remember to snuff those butts out; basements can burn up."

"Try a little shake of Hawkwind with dabs of The White Stripes, Mudhoney and the Melvins, and you're getting close to what White Orange's capabilities are in morphing their Kyuss-grounded fuzz jams. White Orange is a rather creative unit who offers their audience far more than the usual nod to "Turbo Blimp Jumbo" and "50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up)." It helps to spin Kyuss' Blues For the Red Sun before coming to White Orange, just so you have the proper mindset. Their swampy yet astral "Sigourney Weaver" is more inventive than implied, particularly if you throw yourself somewhere between Aliens and Gorillas in the Mist. Only someone who's subjected himself to Kyuss every afternoon before band practice could come up with something so bold."
-Ray Van Horn, Jr, the Metal Minute

"From the opening phase shifter (possibly flanger?) drenched riff of "Where," you are a wayfarer, trapped inside a brobdingnagian 1982 ghetto blaster that is peculiarly placed in the middle of a sandy oasis. This sequence would be fantastic if you were the protagonist in a Beck video directed by Spike Jonze. Instead your end is near because you have no access to food or water. The only item that you have at your disposal is the Queens From the Stone Age/Kyuss split EP on cassette tape. As you hold the tape in your hand, fond memories flood your mind, feel good hits of the summer transposed over an idealistic youth. Suddenly you realize the obvious and the smile your memories have crafted is removed from your face. What good is a tape if you're trapped inside a boom box? Where is the cruel god that has done this to you..."
-Sound on the Sound, Phil Bouie

"The amount of chemicals involved in the making of this record likely surpasses what is sprayed on America's crops in a year. Talk about a druggy, hazy, murky psychedelic sound orgasm, White Orange has produced a doozy. These guys go beyond mere stoner rock and travel into a new dimension where acid flows like water and giant electric seahorses prance through the cosmos while caterpillar armies bow to colossal bongs. Take a look at the brain-frying cover art to get an idea what the band actually sounds like. This trip is highly recommended to those seeking to leave their body using music. The usualc stoner influences such as Kyuss, Nebula and Monster Magnet predominate, but mixed in with some early 90's alt-rock noisiness.
If you are a big fan of 60's and 70's tinged weirdness boosted up to 21st century levels of heaviness, White Orange will likely blow your mind."
-Wormwood Chronicles, Dr. Abner Mality

"Portland's own post-alternative, stoner rockers, White Orange, deliver a beautifully lush debut album. Beefed-up, mammoth sludgy riffs and influences from stoner doom's heyday have been cross-pollinated with Monster Magnet style rock for White Orange's debut. White Orange is a modern vision of what stoner doom-rock should be, was meant to be."
-Nocturnal Cult

"Is this band's moniker a reference to some kind of lysergic acid? Don't know for sure. I'd like to think so...it clocks in at 44:16, making it the perfect length for one side of a 90-minute cassette; an album to be shared with friends, along with other accouterments, in the cool of a summer evening. In other words, highly recommended for fans of Monster Magnet, Nebula, Drunken Horse, Bongzilla, The Sword, Big Chief, et.,al."
-Impose Magazine, Anthony Mark Happel



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white orange Portland

"I don't know if you've ever done psychedelics," Hill muses, "but that place where you're grillin' and you're kind of scared and disconnecting from your physical body, you know it's happening, but when you get back and you try to describe it, none of the words describe where you just were. That's kind of what White Orange is." ... more

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